• Lean, mean, fighting machine STEVE WILSON joins M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) at Red Shovel Network HQ.
  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  About 15 years ago, Steve Wilson shook the Detroit journalism world to its core with his in-your-face confrontations with some of the most powerful people in town. Then, suddenly, he was gone. ML asks Steve what happened.
  • ML and Steve discuss the art of a term Steve coined: “The unscheduled accountability session.” And Steve sets ML straight!
  • Shawn recalls the time he spent with Steve in the immediate aftermath of a nasty scrum when Kwame Kilpatrick and his supporters attacked Steve — all while ML and Jim Schaefer hung around to see if they would have to drag Steve to safety!
  • Marc asks Steve what he thought about Hizzoner’s taunt to “Stop buying prostitutes!” — a bogus charge that originated in the City of Warren.
  • Marc asks Steve to spill about how he always seemed to be waiting for Kilpatrick when he went out of town— including the time Steve booked a seat on a flight RIGHT NEXT TO HIZZONER!
  • Steve reveals who he would most like to have a sincere, face-to-face conversation with — no camera required.
  • ML reminisces about how his glee at seeing a Steve promo for Channel 7 quickly turned to consternation.
  • Steve talks about his time at “Inside Edition” — where he worked with Bill “We’ll do it live!” O’Reilly.
  • ML — showing how badly his interviewing skills have deteriorated since he got out of the new biz last month — ends Steve’s visit by asking Steve how he got his start.
  • THE GREAT DEBATE: A Washington Post reporter is in trouble for exercising her First Amendment rights on social media in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death. Marc lays out the story and asks ML and Shawn whether she’s out of line. A very nuanced discussion follows. 
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: A rich guy who asked a head of state to do him a favor that might not be in the best interest of the people is our Geek of the Week. (SPOILER ALERT: This is NOT about impeachment!!!)
  • ROOM 7609: The Stranglers have been around so long that at least one of their original members is dead — from old age. Their longevity and evolution also make it nearly impossible to fit them into any single genre. Nevertheless, ML — at the urging of listener John Darby — booked them into the NuWave suite to play the sublime “Dreamtime.”
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