The UFO Show


Episode #183

A UFO expert reveals the hottest spots in Michigan for close encounters, while ML and Shawn wonder whether Marc has been abducted and Joe is grateful there are no anal probes in sight.


Marc is missing, leaving Joe to run the show. Find out how he does, and what happened to our fearless co-leader — who may or may not be exploring the galaxy with the only green men Wolverines don’t mind hanging out with these days.

Cheryl Costa, author of “UFOs in Michigan and Where to Find Them,” tells ML and Shawn about UFOs in Michigan … and where to find them.

UFO sightings are a lot more common than you might think, based on available statistics. Cheryl explains where there are probably even more sightings and close encounters than anyone knows.

Most of us have never seen one UFO. Cheryl has seen THREE. Find out where and when – and what they look like.

Just as cars ditched tail fins, UFOs change their body styles over time. Cheryl explains.

For more on Cheryl and her work, check out Neal Rubin’s column in the Detroit Free Press. Here’s a link:


 A federal jury hits the guy with the CARHITU billboards with a major conviction, so we put him on a billboard that says URGEEK

ROOM 7609

Listener John takes last month’s covers theme and beautifully mixes it with this month’s female New Wave band theme by suggesting Siouxsie and the Banshee’s version of “Dear Prudence.”


A listener asks whether ML has heard that Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is planning to leave the Manoogian Mansion, so he shares what he’s heard on the grapevine.


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