Lawbreaker lawmakers high on bribes from Michigan’s new marijuana market dominate this week’s discussion as an investigative reporter and former federal prosecutor join ML and Shawn while Marc is whacked out on vacation wondering what Joe put in those brownies he sent for the road trip.


ML finds a way to get Shawn engaged in the show right away by making an ill-advised crack about an underperforming Detroit Tiger – since that doesn’t narrow it down much, you’ll have to listen to learn what all the fuss is about.

ML’s old reporting partner Craig Mauger has been breaking big news on a federal investigation into politicians, public corruption and Michigan’s burgeoning weed industry. He zooms in to tell us what he’s uncovered. Read about it here:

What is it with former speakers of the Michigan House of Representatives? First Lee Chatfield is in trouble with the law. Then Rick Johnson. Craig tells us who Johnson is, and why he’s likely headed to prison.

Former federal prosecutor Michael Bullotta provides insights into why Johnson and three other dirtbags were charged using something the feds call an “information.” He also discusses what their agreement to cooperate could mean for other folks involved in their scheme.

Because he knows Shawn will be disappointed if Kwame Kilpatrick does not come up at least once in the show, ML shares Johnson’s connection to Hizzoner.

Michael has prosecuted some of the biggest cases in Detroit history, but isn’t impressed with the case a New York prosecutor brought against Donald Trump based on his payments to Stormy Daniels. But the former fed says the former prez has some other cases that could be a bigger problem.

ML and Michael renew their debate over the Gabe Leland case and start a new beef over the Anthony Marrocco case.

ML’s latest column is still generating controversy with listeners. He responds to new criticism and fresh examples of local nepo-babies. Check out ML’s column here:

Support investigative reporting by subscribing to the Free Press. Use this link and get a $5 Amazon gift card:


It was going to be a guy who robbed a drug store while wearing a tether who then claimed he wasn’t there, but ML was feeling bad about criticizing a tame Tiger and was going to name himself GOW, but then he changed his mind and settled on everyone’s favorite flinger of Victorian-era insults.

ROOM 7609

How great is New Wave music? When the Notorious B.I.G. was looking for an epic hook, he knew there was only one tune that could hold his weight. Check into the New Wave suite to check it out.


ML addresses concerns about mayoral hook-ups and gambling on campus.


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