ML surprises Marc and Shawn by showing up to host his own show, while Joe wonders whether it’s part of a desperate bid to prevent the Talking Heads from a repeat appearance in Room 7609.

STRAIGHT DOPE : ML finally got to see The Sisters of Mercy perform live when they came to the Fillmore on Monday night. He met up with some old friends, and provides a mixed review, while Marc and Shawn try to get him to wrap it up.

You’ll never guess who ML ran into on Mackinac Island! A state senator he busted on multiple occasions and one of the most notorious former Wayne County officials in recent memory. Find out who he saw – and what they’re up to now.

There are plenty of horses on Mackinac Island, but fewer elephants than ever. ML, Marc and Shawn discuss the state of Michigan politics with a rare prize up for grabs. It’s also the subject of ML’s latest “On Guard” column.

Marc and Shawn watched the final season of “Ted Lasso” while ML was hooked on “Succession.” The triumvirate discusses previous television phenomena and how these two epic shows compare.

Shawn gets confused about who got credited for making the trains run on time. ML corrects him, while Marc chortles with glee.

GEEK OF THE WEEK:  Another horny hypocrite is this week’s geek.

ROOM 7609: This week’s segment gets off on the wrong foot with a prank that misfires before ML cues up The Sisters of Mercy performing a song that takes it’s title from a phrase he rarely uses: “I Was Wrong.”

FEEDBACK: Scott and John give ML grief, prompted a spirited defense from an unlikely source!

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