ML checks in from Scotland where he is gathering more information on his familial name. Self described life historian Eli Zaret fills in for Elrick. Eli analyzes the world of sports and how it’s changed over his 50 years of broadcasting. Shawn’s just happy to be anywhere.

STRAIGHT DOPE : ML is taking some much needed time away from his podcast family to spend it with his real family in Scotland. He’s is so dedicated to research and himself that he reports on the town of Elrick. 
Eli Zaret experiences his one of his lowest career moments by filling in on the Soul of Detroit. One of his career highlites was putting together “Going 4 It: The Inside Story of the Rise of WDIV”. Watch it here as it’s now been nominated for an Emmy Award.
Over his nearly 50 years of broadcasting Eli’s seen a lot of changes in the world of sports. We compare and contrast.
The NBA used to be a “flea bag” league in the 1970s until Magic & Bird changed the landscape. Will the WNBA ever grow to be self-sufficient?
Soccer superstar Lionel Messi chose Inter Miami over a billion dollar offer from the Saudis. Will MLS ever be one of the Big 4 US sports or is this just another “Pele joining the NY Cosmos” stunts?
None of it really seems to matter since the NFL rules all in the world of sports. 

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Disgrased ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick hijacks a “Five Years Free” celebration for Alice Marie Johnson to make it about his birthday.

ROOM 7609: Scottish band Simple Minds has more hits than just that one from “The Breakfast Club”.

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