M.L. Elrick (@elrick) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) conspire to keep the show going until Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor), dials in on a bag phone that wasn’t even very good back in 1989, when it was brand new.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: A quick word about ML’s latest investigation, referenced in last week’s episode (“Close Encounters of the 4th Estate Kind”), which was broadcast this week. See it here.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death is inspiring conspiracy theories from all points on the political spectrum, giving ML a prime opportunity to break down the most virulent rumor in recent Detroit history.

Marc says he hates government conspiracies the most, because government officials aren’t great at getting their KNOWN work done, making them highly unlikely to pull off a sophisticated con. ML applies the same logic to media conspiracies.

Marc asks if there were ever parties at the Manoogian Mansion. ML’s response may surprise you, but we’ll let you listen and decide for yourself.

ML explains how he and Jim Schaefer, his parter at the Free Press, set about trying to determine whether Detroit’s First Lady used a blunt instrument to assault a stripper caught performing at the city’s mayoral manse.

ML recounts one conspiracy that he and Schaefer proved. It’s an amazing story you either forgot, or never heard of. Listen and learn.

ML explains the “Ring of Truth” – and why people believe in conspiracies.

Did you know strippers have agents? Who says this show isn’t educational!

Marc and ML discuss which stripper names were “whack.”

THE GREAT DEBATE: Shawn joins in as the boys spar over  CNN anchor and podcast host Chris Cuomo’s behavior when a provocateur with a camera calls him “Fredo.” 

GEEK OF THE WEEK: A media mogul who threatened a worker interested in forming a union may have lost the hearts and minds of his staff, but he wins GOW honors.

ROOM 7609: Check in and hear the bizarre story of the brief rise and rapid fall of “Mission of Burma” and their biggest hit (if you can call it that!).

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