A man who fishes guns out of the Detroit River tells ML, Marc and Patrick us what else his magnet has attracted, while Joey utilizes his silencer …

THE STRAIGHT DOPE- Shawn is gone. Find out why … and where he is.

Jason Vanderwal, who started magnet fishing with his daughter to help clean up local waterways, has become obsessed with pulling objects from the muck. He tells all about how he got started — and what he’s found.

Yes, there are a lot of guns in the water. But it’s what Jason has found in Mountain Dew bottles that will really freak you out!

Jason tells us what it takes to become a magnet fisherman — and how you, too, can unlock the secrets of the deep!

If you’re hoping to uncover buried treasure, Jason explains why you’re better off with a metal detector.

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GEEK OF THE WEEK:What the hell is wrong with all these big-time golfers?!?

ROOM 7609:Remember when the mall was the center of it all? A listener brings us back to those days by recommending “Escalator of Life” by Robert Hazard and the Heroes. 

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