Our new intern and NIL athlete bring a fresh perspective while ML, Marc and Shawn wonder when they’re going to “Get off Drew’s lawn!” and Joey prepares to sweep up all the clippings …

THE STRAIGHT DOPE- We continue our adoration of Bill Paxton with a look back at some of his greatest films — interrupted only by a geography lesson from Professor Shawn.

Our Name, Image and Likeness athlete Kaleena Kneiss joins us for an update on what life is like for young, talented people … including a story about the guy who woke up in the doorway of her apartment building.

Help us welcome our first-ever intern Patrick Schmitz, who trots out his English accent.

ML, Shawn and Marc ask if John Hughes films should be cancelled … Prompting Kaleena and Patrick to ask: “Who is John Hughes?!?”

Shawn admonishes ML for not knowing whether you need to take a plane, train or automobile to get from Fort Worth to Dallas.

In the wake of the untimely death of Adreian Payne, former obituary writer ML and sportswriter Shawn weigh in on whether news coverage of the death of a prominent person should include any mention of unpleasantness in their past.

A Flint city councilwoman uses a word that ignited a debate over what she REALLY meant. We discuss. 

ML pimps his new column for the Free Press and encourages everyone to spend $1 on a six-month subscription. There’s a link at the end of his latest report.

GEEK OF THE WEEK- The Million Dollar Man is accused of cheating from poor folks in Mississippi, but also learns one of the best things in life that’s free is being named Geek of the Week.

ROOM 7609- “Long-time listener, first-time emailer” Christopher books Bill Paxton and his band Martini Ranch into the New Wave suite, where they ask the rhetorical question: “How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture?”

FEEDBACK- Listener Zoe wants to know!

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