The student journalist who exposed a predotory professor tells ML, Marc and Shawn how he did it, while Joey tries to wrap up his last homework project…

THE STRAIGHT DOPE- Sammy Sussman was a music major reviewing classical music for the University of Michigan student newspaper when he heard about a predator professor. Last month, that professor was sentenced to five years in federal prison. Sammy tells us the story behind the story.

It’s not easy to investigate your boss. Sammy discusses how his professors reacted when he put one of their own under the microscope.

The coverup is often worse than the crime. In this case, the crime Sammy uncovered was pretty bad. He discusses what else he found — and who knew what when.

ML finally gets back to work — just in time for someone to clean out his bank account after he deposited his first paycheck in 18 months. ML and Marc discuss the elements of the crime and speculate who may have been involved in the conspiracy.

Shawn loved every inch of ML’s first two columns. Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound good. Judge for yourself by reading here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK- The Member of Parliament who went online to check out tractors resigned after his detractors complained about his NSFW browsing.

ROOM 7609- The Other Two & You complete our series of New Order side projects checking into the New Wave suite with their ditty “Tasty Fish.”

FEEDBACK- Our exclusive interview with Zamboni driver Al Sobotka left some listeners pissed off at ML. Find out why.

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