ML rages at the latest evidence Detroit’s political machine will never shed its culture of corruption. Prosecutor turned defense attorney Michael Bullotta weighs in while Marc works on his law degree and Shawn Windsor waits in the wings to apologize for having nothing to say. Joe just pretends that it’s all going to be ok … someday.

  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE:ANOTHER Detroit city councilman admits to taking bribes, so what do his colleagues do? They write him “get out of jail” letters! ML can’t take it any more. 
  • Michael Bullotta prosecuted a lot of the corrupted officials ML and his colleagues in the media exposed. So he comes on to discuss whether Detroit’s culture of corruption will ever go away — or just provide him a steady stream of clients.
  • Marc hears something he never expected to hear: ML watched a series created within the past decade! A discussion of “Ted Lasso” ensues, complete with an analysis of which season is better — and whether Nate is a believable villain.
  • Shawn zooms in to give the show a power boost — and provide “proof of life” — while endorsing Nate’s character development.
  • There’s still time to help the children of Detroit by contributing to ML’s charity hockey game at Clark Park. 
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: A wing nut complains about kitty litter in school bathrooms, so we kick sand in her face. Metaphorically speaking.
  • ROOM 7609: German synth bands and New Wave go together like Adam Ant and frilly shirts, which is how Propaganda got invited into the New Wave suite to perform “p: Machinery.”
  • FEEDBACK:We had so much great feedback we had to hold it til next week so we could wrap the show before next week.
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