One reason Kwame Kilpatrick is going to be an internet preacher, and not a history teacher, is because he doesn’t like to talk about the past. ML and Marc talk to Allan Lengel, who sat down with the former mayor. Shawn is still on the DL while Joe keeps his head down.  

  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE: ML talks to Deadline Detroit editor Allan Lengel about how Lengel helped get Kwame Kilpatrick out of prison 20 years early.
  • Allan sat down with Kilpatrick last week while Hizzoner hyped his new ministry. Watch the interview here
  • ML and Marc play clips from Allan and Fox 2’s interviews and discuss the “new” Kilpatrick.
  • Kilpatrick continues to pretend that he didn’t do anything wrong, so ML reviews the record.
  • ML’s Greatest (S)hits week last week included a chance encounter with another crooked Detroit politician he exposed. Listen and learn who ML bumped into at an East Lansing sushi restaurant.
  • There’s still time to help the children of Detroit by contributing to ML’s charity hockey game at Clark Park. Here’s how
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc has TWO geeks this week, while ML picks partners who blew off an armed robbery in progress to make an arrest — of a Pokemon character.
  • ROOM 7609: Listener Tod says The Jam is New Wave — and “Boy About Town” is the proof. Hmmm…
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