Gadfly Robert Davis exposed the Highland Park treasurer for being a deadbeat and explains to ML, Marc and Shawn how he got on the case – and got a judge to take action.

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Shawn is back in studio after weeks on the road and instantly injects a jolt of energy into the show. Seriously!

Robert Davis is a long-time scourge of public officials who cut corners or outright break the rules. His latest crusade became the subject of ML’s latest “On Guard” column for the Free Press. Read it here.

Robert has been busting bad guys in Highland Park since emergency manager Art Blackwell II cheated their hometown out of a quarter-million bucks. ML and Robert discuss that story and some of the other crooks Robert has brought to justice.

Highland Park’s treasurer got a house she wasn’t entitled to in 2012 and left the city with a $90,000 debt. A Wayne County judge ruled last week that she must leave office because she owes her city dough.

ML explains how every one of us is impacted by the $90,000 debt Highland Park has failed to collect from its treasurer.

Hear what happens when ML knocks on the treasurer’s door to inquire about her payment plan. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t seem happy to see him.

Robert has had his own problems with the law. ML recaps the caper that got Robert sent to prison and asks if he’s keeping up with his restitution bill.

Marc asks Robert to recount some of his greatest hits, which include bouncing Mike Duggan off the ballot in 2013 when he first ran for mayor of Detroit.

Marc asks Robert to discuss a record he set that Robert claims will never be broken. Listen and learn.

Shawn shares his take on Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes most unusual post-season press conference. Holmes called out two of Shawn’s Detroit Free Press colleagues, including one who does a podcast with Shawn. Who could that possibly be…?

GEEK OF THE WEEK- The mayor of Highland Park who has known for years that the treasurer has owed the city $90,000 is our geek for doing nothing to help collect the dough.

ROOM 7609- Shawn loves The Pretenders, but even after ML books them into the New Wave suite to play their new tune “Let the Sun Come In,” he’s STILL not happy!

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