Kwame Kilpatrick has a big new SUV along with his new house, the Lions finally lose a big game, and Shawn zooms in while ML and Marc try desperately to revive their partner as he struggles with his travel-related travails.

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Marc admonishes ML for not paying attention during his carefully-crafted video intro. ML, unlike many of the people he writes about, says he’s guilty as charged.

ML, like many of the people he writes about, then offers an alibi for failing to live up to a promise. He explains why last week’s show didn’t cover the Kwame Kilpatrick biopic, and teases that we’ll get to it “soon.”

Get the bell ready! After reporting last week on Kilpatrick’s new king-sized crib in Novi, ML updates us on Kilpatrick’s new king-sized SUV.

For the first time on the show, ML tells the behind-the-scenes story about how he finally got the city to admit that the cherry-red Lincoln Navigator it leased for $24,995 WAS for the First Lady. He also explains why the deal was even worse than people thought at the time.

Marc tries desperately to revive Shawn, who is home but under the weather, staring out the window at someone shoveling the snow as he fades in and out of consciousness.

ML tries to revive Shawn by referencing Shawn’s nemesis (and co-host) Carlos Monarrez. Then ML discusses the “Shawn Rules,” where you can get away with saying anything to anyone – as long as you “know them.”

Shawn shares what it was like to be in the locker room after the Detroit Lions lost the NFC Championship game. Then he gives his take on Dan Campbell’s demeanor. Spoiler alert: We all love Dan Campbell.

Who are some of the best coaches to deal with? Do reporters still have the opportunity to have candid conversations with sports figures? Are sports writers just so busy these days they don’t have time to hang out with bigshots? All these questions – and more – answered this week.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Is it Joe Biden? Is it Donald Trump? Is it the gamesmanship that dominates American politics these days? Or is it “all of the above…”

ROOM 7609: Listener Joe suggests The White Stripes’ “Hand Springs” – and tells a helluva good story about his nomination for the New Wave Suite, which is no longer restricted to New Wave music. (Good job, Joe!) A discussion of the Dirtbombs ensues.

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