M.L. Elrick (@elrick) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are in the RSN basement, Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) joins in from an undisclosed location for The Great Debate, and Drew Lane (@DrewMikePodcast) saunters down the stairs to liven up Geek of the Week and Room 7609.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: M.L. rushes over from Fox 2 and immediately starts whining about feeling rundown after a weekend spent serving soup for charity and catching some of the Hamtramck Music Festival Friday night, dashing to the Breslin Student Events Center to witness the Spartans win the Big 10 Championship on Saturday, then zooming back to M.C. the Family Fun Zone for the Detroit St. Patrick’s Parade on Sunday. 

Next, the big baby tries to redeem himself by sharing a chance encounter Tuesday night with the Edsel-driving family who tried to help M.L. start his ’62 Pontiac near a cemetery several years ago. (There are heroes in this story, and they’re not M.L.)

That story leads to the revelation that the tunnel to Windsor isn’t flat, which M.L. learned while pushing that hooptie to Canada one hot afternoon.

Then the boys try to unravel the riddle wrapped inside the enigma that is Bob Carmack and his fight with the City of Detroit.

After a crash course in “Carmack Logic,” Marc and M.L. dive into the “story behind the story” for M.L.’s latest Fox 2 investigation, in which M.L. reveals how he scored a sit-down interview with a reluctant Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

A brief tutorial on Michigan jurisprudence follows, before M.L. launches into a rant inspired by old butts and dirty diapers.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Shawn Windsor joins the fun on the as-yet-unsponsored hotline to postulate that the Spartans don’t really want to win the Big Ten tournament. (Yeah, right!)

More madness ensues as the crew debates the merits of the Detroit Lions’ free agent signings, which have some calling the hometown 11 “New England West.”

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Red Shovel Network CEO and broadcast impresario Drew Lane joins in to help rail on the rich and famous trying to get their rich and shameless kids into elite universities.

Drew laments the lack of a level-playing field in university admissions while M.L. pretends that he read a book about it and he and Marc extol the virtues of crewing (or is it rowing?).

ROOM 7609: Drew sticks around to muse over whether Duran Duran would let Pee Wee Herman join their all-night party in Room 7609, before Marc cues up “President Gas” — the best Psychedelic Furs tune you’re never heard of — just after revealing that the song was inspired by Ronald Reagan. 

After listening to some of the sharpest lyrics you’ll ever hear — including “open up your eyes just to check that you’re asleep again” and “it’s Hell without the sin” — the boys wonder “whatever happened to politically-inspired music?”

BTW, the selection of this week’s NuWave gem was inspired by a listener who contacted M.L. on Twitter.

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One pitcher for each MSU basketball win over Michigan this year… maybe?
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