M.L. Elrick (@elrick) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are in the basement, Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) joins in on the burner phone, and Drew Lane (@DrewMikePodcast) spends a little time with us in Room 7609

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: It’s Marc’s turn to feel lousy after spending days in the hospital with his infant daughter, but it’s M.L. who is in a foul mood reflecting on the sins of social media in the wake of the New Zealand massacre.

While the boys debate the hypocrisy of the high-minded hype spouted by social media titans, M.L. asks some deep questions – including “is the restaurant owner responsible if a server puts a booger in your meal?”

M.L. cops to some hypocrisy of his own for blasting social media while using it to push out his stories, then explains how the traditional media got duped into letting social media firms turn into parasites instead of forming symbiotic relationships.

What do Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Schaefer, buttermilk and heroin have to do with one another? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Big brains worry about how to hold social media firms responsible without infringing on freedom of speech, but the boys have a pretty simple, common-sense solution.

The discussion leads to the origin story of M.L.’s relationship with Drew and Mike … and Marc and Trudi.

What does “rip-and-read” mean – and who was a shameless practioner? M.L. tells all.

M.L. talks about where he was, what he was about to do and the fear he faced on the day a deranged former TV guy shot a Virginia TV reporter and her photographer and broadcast it on social media. 

Is Twitter better than other social media platforms? Marc says yes. M.L. agrees, but then tells the story of his battle with a Twitter troll – and what Twitter did about it.

For a change of pace, the boys provide some good news with updates on the health of Marc’s daughter Annie, M.L.’s nephew The Hammer and M.L.’s attempts to harness the power of the sun.

Looking beyond the boundaries of southeastern Michigan, M.L. provides an update on the Robert Kraft case – and makes a clever play on words.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Shawn Windsor calls in from Des Moines, Iowa on the eve of MSU and U-M’s first round March Madness games to talk about his great scoop from the Big 10 championship game … until his broke-ass phone goes on the fritz.

What do the Hare Bear Bunch, De La Soul and Vanilla Ice have to do with U-M basketball? M.L. explains all. 

After a round of gratuitous insults, M.L. takes on all comers when he says U-M’s brief period at the top of the state’s college basketball heap is over – for all time!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The NCAA March Madness tournament selection committee is this week’s GOW – but not for the reason you might think. Listen and learn.

ROOM 7609: It’s Ladies’ – er, Women’s – Night as M.L. showcases Divynls. Drew drops in to share his admiration for the MANY charms of Chrissy Amphlett as the guys recall a slew of underappreciated NuWave bands led by women. The list includes Transvision Vamp, Berlin, The Motels, Missing Persons and many more!

While most people know Divynls for their hit “I Touch Myself” – which also describes what most male fans did while watching the Australian band’s videos back in the last 80s – M.L. cues up “Pleasure & Pain.”

Looking ahead, a listener suggests “Town Called Malice” by the Jam. It’s a great tune, but too popular, so M.L. promises to play a deep track from another Paul Weller band in a future edition of Room 7609.

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