Shawn’s son and his roommate recount what it was like to be on lockdown in East Lansing, where ML’s daughters also spent a harrowing night.
STRAIGHT DOPE: Another gunman, another massacre at a place where we thought our kids were safe. ML, Shawn and Marc talk about what they went through as parents, before connecting with some kids who were locked down in East Lansing.
Shawn’s son Sam and his roommate Patrick zoom in to give a firsthand account of what it was like to wait for the “all clear” while a gunman roamed MSU’s campus.
Misinformation was everywhere. Sam and Patrick tell what it was like to try and sort through the mess, while Marc, ML and Shawn talk about how the media handled the situation – and what it could have done better.
Marc asks ML and Shawn how they found out about the shootings, and what they did next.
Listen and learn how everyone with a loved one in East Lansing tried to keep up with the flow of information – and get our critique on how police responded to the crisis.
ML has no sympathy for the devil and calls out Wayne LaPierre, who he predicts has some very warm weather in his future.
Clark Park exceeded its fundraising goal. ML gives a special shoutout to the benefactor who jumpstarted the campaign. (Hint: It’s a name you’ll know.)
GEEK OF THE WEEK: The New York Times prints some news that’s not fit, adding “GOW” honors to their trophy case.
ROOM 7609: For Black History Month we book the superlative Ranking Roger of English Beat and General Public into the New Wave suite to perform General Public’s eponymous single.
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