Shawn comes to the studio and insists he’s more productive working from home. Then Marc plays audio of ML’s futile search for the people responsible for derailing congressional candidate Adam Hollier. 


ML’s personal crusade to get people to return to work pits him against remote work advocate Shawn who says people are more productive when they work from home. ML cites the Unabomber (a U-M grad) as someone who worked from home VERY productively. Shawn also thinks it’s swell that kids connect virtually to play video games and communicate. ML and Marc beg to differ.

In the midst of a vigorous debate, Shawn somehow works in a plug for his latest column. In classic contradictory Windsor manner, Shawn, who hates making predictions, is pleased as punch with his predictions for the outcome of each game the Detroit Lions will play next season. If you know Shawn, you won’t be surprised by the basis on which he makes those predictions. Read all about it here. 

Shawn says the modern workplace is changing and that people are more productive working from home. ML counters with two recent examples of how working in the same space with colleagues improved their work – including how a colleague helped him figure out the identity of a key player in a burgeoning political scandal.

While the fur is flying in Red Shovel Network studios, ML and Marc play a clip from “Anchor Man” inspired by the strange obsession Shawn revealed at the top of last week’s show. Patreon subscribers who pony up a measley $5 a month can watch the clip, while the cheapskates will have to be satisfied just listening.

Marc and ML discuss the scheme that may get multiple candidates kicked off the ballot. Like in 2022, when multiple Republican gubernatorial candidates got kicked off the ballot, it involves fraudulent petition signatures. This time, it could cost a congressional candidate his chance to take on Congressman Shri Thanedar and might even wipe out every Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Read ML’s column here:.

ML hit the streets in search of two people at the center of the petition problems that might end Adam Hollier’s congressional campaign. Hear what happens when he lands on the doorsteps of the places where they claim to live.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has been very careful to protect her image as an elected official above partisan politics. But her decision to endorse Hollier could become a problem for Michigan’s top election official. ML explains why.

Shawn asks Marc if the benefits of binge watching outweigh losing the communal experience of watching movies together. The discussion leads ML and Marc to offer their reviews of “Sugar,” the AppleTV limited series starring Colin Farrell. If you haven’t watched it yet, pay close attention to the countdown before ML and Marc reveal massive plot twists.

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A billionaire who triggered the Barbra Streisand effect is this week’s geek. Patreon subscribers can see why!

ROOM 7609

Listener Tod inspires Shawn to sit through an entire song AND triggers a protracted genealogy of Ann Arbor punk bands Shawn knew personally. For once, it’s ML who doesn’t dig the music after the Laughing Hyenas check into the New Wave suite and leave a “Stain.” Send us your favorite deep cut or obscure band – and a story about them or why they mean something to you – by writing [email protected].


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