ML tells Marc and Shawn how he almost joined the Marines – and how he avoided wearing pink skivvies while waiting with hundreds of other recruits in downtown Detroit.


ML, Marc and Shawn get together a day early to record this week’s episode on Memorial Day so ML can head up to Mackinac Island on Tuesday for the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference, an annual confab where politicos, business leaders and the media mingle on an island that was covered with horseshit BEFORE they got there.

Shawn asks ML how people react when he makes the scene, prompting ML to recount the time he and a news crew went to the policy conference looking for someone who had eluded them on the mainland – and how they almost got the wrong guy.

Get the bell ready! ML says that in the midst of the furor over the Manoogian Mansion rumor, Kwame Kilpatrick and his team showed up on the island in force to create the impression that it was business as usual in city hall.

ML explains how what’s on the official agenda is rarely the reason people head to Mackinac … and how it’s what goes on behind closed doors that is really where business gets done.

Memorial Day is, as its name suggests, a time to remember those who gave all. ML, Marc and Shawn salute our soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us and the rights we enjoy.

A college course set ML on course to spend a summer in the Marine’s Platoon Leadership Class, before he changed his mind and had to talk his way out of it. It’s a decision he has regretted ever since. Shawn and ML agree that America would be better off if all teenagers were required to do a year of national service. What do YOU think?

Even though he never spent a day in the service, ML had a couple experiences while undergoing his pre-enlistment physical that he’ll never forget. Listen and learn.

Marc spent the early part of his weekend at Cedar Point and shares his personal connection with a tragedy that occurred at the amusement park’s newest attraction.

Other than hosting the Soul of Detroit, ML doesn’t like roller coasters. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a thrill-seeker, as he demonstrates by sharing his experience bungee jumping at Coney Island.

One of the reasons ML doesn’t like roller coasters is a trip he took to Six Flags back in the late 90s. It was a trip that left his head spinning. Listen and learn why.

Shawn may become known as “Mr. Corndog” after this week’s episode. ML and Marc still aren’t sure what grape jelly has to do with it, though.

ML discusses his latest “On Guard” column, which exposes the misfits who derailed congressional candidate Adam Hollier’s campaign. Read all about it here.

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After picking on a billionaire last week, ML changes course and HONORS a billionaire who taught college graduates a valuable lesson at their commencement.

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Shawn’s squirrel fancying gives listener Kevin the opening he’s been waiting for to declare his love for “For Squirrels,” including their REM-esque ditty “Go On Up.” Send us your favorite deep cut or obscure band – and a story about them or why they mean something to you – by writing to [email protected].


Friend of the Show Matt Jennings salutes Shawn’s epic Mother’s Day column, which you can read here.

Listener Scott faults ML for rambling in a series of emails that are, um, rambling.

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