ML dodged every kind of horseshit during a political confab on Mackinac Island, then debates Shawn on whether government works without good people. Marc injects some much needed common sense into the conversation.


High Energy Shawn says he’s having trouble getting going because of a change in our routine. Then he announces that he’s in a hurry to wrap up the show so, of course, he immediately abandons the game plan for some random thoughts – including asking ML and Marc if they prefer routine to randomness. Somehow, ML ends up comparing himself to James Bond, or at least that’s how Windsor, Shawn Windsor sees it.

It’s not easy to get around Mackinac Island, but ML almost always gets a free bike on loan from his friend Louie, the lead singer of Hot Carl and the Cleveland Steamers. Marc says that’s gross, but it’s not clear whether he’s referring to exercise or the band…or both.

ML’s bike riding prompts some bystanders to compare him to one of the world’s greatest, but also most diabolical, athletes. Listen to learn who … and what ML fires back at the wags.

When he wasn’t dodging horse apples and curbside comedians, ML was talking to leading officials about what Michigan can to do help police politicians who like to take money but don’t like to do the right thing with it. He writes about it in his latest On Guard column, which includes references to Honeydukes and The Spider-Man Shop, where a scurrilous politician allegedly spent some dough that was supposed to help people who weren’t his friends and family. Read all about it here.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has generated plenty of controversy since she was first elected in 2018, but Marc wants to know what she’s accomplished. ML provides some details, as well as revisiting some of the criticism he’s leveled at Madam General.

ML-a-culpa. Or at least that’s what we’re calling ML’s effort to apologize to a state employee he feels he didn’t do right by, even though Shawn keeps trying to let ML off the hook. If you’re keeping track at home, this is the FIRST time ever that Shawn has tried to let ML off the hook.

Marc, Shawn and ML debate the matter of how can you trust government if you can’t trust the people running it? Shawn offers a vigorous position, then seems to agree with ML and Shawn. Kinda. Listen and decide for yourself.

Because ML wants some kind of squirrel reference in each show after Shawn expressed his fascination with the tufted-tail rodents, he brings up a topic involving nuts. And how some creatures can live longer without them. What would YOU choose?

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A bad driver who shoots a woman he almost ran over is this week’s geek – and we’re hoping that’s not the worst thing to happen to him after John Law gets through with him.

ROOM 7609

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