While ML is gone on his big fat Greek getaway, Erika Erickson takes over the show and brings part of her Army with her- Jessica Dupnack from Fox 2 News.  Shawn Windsor eventually rolls in after a battle with a lug nut.

Shawn waltzes into the show about 10 minutes late after telling us he was 10 minutes away 30 minutes ago. Apparently, Shawn chooses driving safety over making the podcast on time.

Jessica has recently taken over hosting The Edge at 11PM on WJBK.  We go through some of the more bizarre stories that she has recently covered. Including the Taylor woman that cheated on her husband with the family dog and maggots that rained down on an international flight to Detroit.

It turns out that Reddit and TikTok are a treasure trove for news stories. Jessica enlightens us to another website that helped her bust some local public masturbators. Although it doesn’t seem like the evil serial Target ejaculator used the site.

One of Erika’s “favorite” and horrific stories that Jessica covered was the cannibal that made “ball soup” with his victim’s testicles.  

Erika loves True Crime stories and recently appeared on Max’s Mean Girl Murders.  Find out what other show she will be contributing to before we dive into the saga of TikTok’s favorite murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

Shawn used to be a newspaper crime reporter and he recounts the story of the “urine filled brain”.

Erika wanted to be a criminal profiler before she “aged out”.  She now uses her powers to analyze her friends’ dates. There is a consensus that social media is turning society into narcissists and ego maniacs.

Who wants to wear a suit anymore?  Or “khakis and polo shirts”?  Or Lululemon pants? Or use a Stanley Cup?

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A particular person in the room had a ticket for the exclusive concert Eminem produced for Ford’s Central Train Station grand opening.  Thankfully, Jessica attended the event to give us a breakdown and make Erika more jealous.

ROOM 7609:
Before getting into this week’s selection we learn about the “Boner Army” that is amassing in the area. Marc picks a song that might be fairly well known, but it’s not one of the first Clash songs that comes to people’s minds.

Erika recently participated in the Jamie Samuelsen Strikeout Colon Cancer Celebrity Softball game in Troy.  We have video to prove that she is indeed an “athletic klutz”.
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