Eli Zaret pinch hits for the vacationing ML Elrick. We examine how sports has become the new religion.

June 17th, 1994 was a famous day in the history of sports- OJ Simpson’s bronco chase, Game 5 of the New York Knicks/Houston Rockets NBA Finals, the New York Rangers parade, Arnold Palmer’s final US Open, and more.

Unsurprisingly, Shawn had little interest in OJ’s chase and murder trial. 

Mr. Television Eli and Mr. Newspaper Shawn compare the difference in how different the mediums treated each other before the advent of the internet.

Eli examines the worshiping of sports figures. Find out why Yogi Berra was the first to collapse the hero facade for Eli. 

For better and worse, sports has become the new religion in America. Are athletes more celebrated today than 100 years ago?

Caitlin Clark has become the savior of the WNBA, but the WNBA players seem to not want her to be around. Did Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods, or Lionel Messi face this similar type of backlash? 

The 2024 US Open featured a major choke job that will haunt Rory McIlroy forever. 

Former Detroit Lion & current Kansas City Chief DT Isaiah Buggs was arrested May 30th for animal cruelty in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This past weekend Isaiah was arrested again for domestic violence and burglary. His agent dismissed the charges as  a “subversive campaign” to force the closure of the hookah lounge he owns in Tuscaloosa.

ROOM 7609: June 17 is also the 20th anniversary of the Detroit Pistons’ parade celebrating their victory in the NBA Finals.  The only way to celebrate is to remember one of the best worst songs of all time- The Final Countdown by Europe. 

Eli remembers one of his greatest Father’s Day ever- watching Jim Bunning throw a perfect game in 1964.  No-hitters seem to be no big deal these days.

College sports might be the ultimate example of sports becoming the new religion. 

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