DCFC CEO Sean Mann joins ML and Marc for our annual “State of the Team” episode, discussing everything from Le Rouge’s new national TV deal to the Northern Guard Supporters to the team’s future as it outgrows Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck. The “other” Shawn zooms in before hitting the road for March Madness.


What do ML Elrick and Iggy Pop have in common? Besides being rock stars, they are both owners of the Detroit City Football Club – the homegrown soccer team known as Le Rouge. Le Rouge started its season with a win last weekend and hosts its home opener this Saturday. So ML and Marc invite team founder and CEO Sean Mann to Red Shovel HQ to discuss the upcoming season. Find out more about DCFC at http://www.detcityfc.com.

After ML says his ownership shares are essentially worthless, Sean corrects him and reveals that the team will create a marketplace this year for owners to sell their shares – or buy more. BTW, Sean said there are 100,000 shares, which is why he’s not too worried about taking orders from ML, who owns 5 measly shares.

It’s been nearly a decade since DCFC moved from Cass Tech High School in downtown Detroit to Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck, and the team has outgrown its beloved stadium. Sean says the team needs a new 10,000- to 12,000-seat stadium that will cost $100 million. So does that mean Keyworth’s days are numbered? Listen and learn.

Marc and Shawn dismiss ML’s suggestion that he and Iggy could become the next Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney of “Welcome to Wrexham” fame, but Sean says the reality show about a Welsh minor league soccer team has had a dramatic impact on interest in soccer.  

DCFC plays in the USL Championship – the second highest level of professional soccer in America. They are also the easiest to see on free TV. DCFC will appear on CBS four times and on ESPN once. All other games will be on CBS Channel 62 or Channel 50. BTW, the top tier of U.S. professional soccer – MLS — is available only to Apple TV subscribers who pay extra for the soccer package. So it will be easier to see DCFC than Lionel Messi.

No discussion of DCFC is complete without checking on the Northern Guard Supporters. ML speculates that some of their cheers could keep network censors busy. Sean provides an update on NSG, including some of the concerns about Hamtramck politics.

DCFC lost about a $1 million two years ago, and lost about $2 million last year. So is the team in danger of folding? Hear what Sean has to say about the future of Le Rouge.

There is a new benefit for season ticketholders who can’t make DCFC games – ML explains how to make sure you never waste your ducats.

Shawn creates a buzz with his debatably inappropriate question of Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo. Even his colleague Mick McCabe – the Son of Swami – was giving Our Shawn a hard time. See Shawn ask Izzo his question here.

Baseball is the only major league sport in which the managers dress like the players. ML suggests that Izzo would not look great in shorts and a tank top, but says Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell already looks like he’s wearing football pads.

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ML is sick of the “bent carrot” commercials that interrupt “Tokyo Vice.” Listen and learn how this week’s geek is also ruining ML’s appetite for salad.

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