ML is back from Dublin, where he learned how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness (and drank many imperfect pours). Marc tracks Shawn down at the airport, where he had to be reminded that we have been doing a podcast every Tuesday FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS. Mayhem ensues.


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, ML returns from Dublin, where he received a certificate from the Guinness Storehouse for pouring a “beautiful pint” and spent some time at a pub along the River Liffey where he met a Texan trying to sell whiskey to the Irish. Will it work? We’ll find out later. In the meantime, Tex bought ML a couple of whiskeys that were way better than anything ML would have bought himself.

Then, moments before Shawn boards a flight, he regales Marc and ML with his views on appropriate airport dress. He also delivers a little good news to his fellow travellers: He NEVER wears his shorts on a flight.

ML asks Marc and Shawn what kind of movies they watch on the plane, then explains why he favors old movies – a habit that led him to make a joyful discovery while watching Christopher Walken and his movie son in “Batman Returns.” Yawn Windsor also highlights a favorite Walken moment from the Tim Burton film.

Marc praises Shawn on his recent column about Detroit Pistons General Manager Troy Weaver’s rant at an irate fan. Read all about it here. 

For all the hand-wringing we do about heated rivalries like the one between the Spartans and Wolverines, ML says our beefs don’t compare to soccer fans. His trip to watch Tottenham Hotspur in London taught him some dos and don’ts about what you can wear to the pub or to the game.

Listen and learn how a bargain ML thought he landed for an AirBNB in London almost ended with all of his gear tossed out on the street.

Track suits can be very spiffy, but they are not welcome in certain pubs at certain times in London and Dublin. ML explains why.

Casey Kasem. Jack Palance. Michael Jordan. Orson Welles. ML and Marc play some of their favorite celebrity outtakes. Members of our Patreon Soul Patrol can watch along with the gang.

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George Santos, who misled the nation, is our geek of the week for suing Jimmy Kimmel for misleading him.

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