ML Elrick is out of town again. The Substitutes fill in to cover the mystery of Craig Monroe, BET & ESPN award failures, and the Brat Pack.


Erika Erickson is back to fill in for our forgotten host ML Elrick. She introduces us to another one of her friends- local comic Joey Hamood.

Self prescribed klutz Ericka spilled coffee all over herself right before we start reminding Marc about the time WRIF treated the Drew and Mike morning show like children by providing them sippy cups. 

Former Detroit Tiger player and broadcaster Craig Monroe was accused of some pretty horrific crimes by a women whose family he lived with while he was in the minor leagues. We discuss the accusations and wonder – Why did it take the media so long to report on the accusations? Where is Craig Monroe? Who do we believe?

Fox 2 reporter and Ericka’s friend Jessica Dupnack was the first member of the mainstream media to report on the story. 

How long should it take the media to vet an allegation made on social media? Shawn proposes that an alleged victim should never be named.


Cast your vote for this week’s biggest “geek”.

Choice number 1- MGM casino for not paying out a progressive Black Jack win.

Choice number 2- ESPN for awarding not-a-Prince Harry an ESPY.

Choice number 3- BET for honoring OJ Simpson.

Shawn interrupts a heavy conversation to make sure we get our sponsorships read. 

ROOM 7609: 

We received a long distance dedication for Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”.

The person that makes the dedication (ML Elrick) finally connects with the show to explain how he’s going to write off his trip up north.

Marc declares the documentary “Brats” on Hulu to be horrible. Meanwhile, Shawn feels that the Brat Pack films do not hold up to today’s standards. 

Elrick explains the feed back he received on his most recent “On Guard” column in the Free Press comparing Kwame Kilpatrick to Donald Trump.

We force Joey to show his comic wrap skills to work.  Check out his newest music video here.

Shawn fills us in on what he’s been writing about… and it’s a lot of Detroit Pistons news.

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