ML outlines the chaos Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could cause by joining the Democratic presidential ticket, while Marc remembers Bob Carmack and Shawn is obsessed with ML’s fine new threads.

The boys are reunited in the basement for the first time in a month and begin by discussing Bronny James, the latest nepo-baby to make a splash because one or more of his parents done good. The conversation quickly turns to Chet Hanks who, unlike Colin, doesn’t seem to have any of their old man’s talent.
Shawn has been super productive, writing column after column about the Detroit Pistons, who have generated tons of interest despite their epic lack of success. Here’s one of his latest missives.

ML tries to beat the heat by wearing a fetching new (to him) linen shirt, putting to use a wardrobe tip he picked up in blazing hot Athens. Shawn becomes obsessed with these gently-used threads, which ML picked up on eBay when he got home (because he was too cheap to pay the going rate for a 100% linen shirt in Greece).

One year before he died, Bob Carmack was a guest on the show. He discussed his on-going fight with Detroit City Hall and Mayor Mike Duggan. ML and Marc reflect on Carmack and what he tried to accomplish, as well as delve into why he never quite got the job done. Hear that 7/4/2023 episode here.

While the rest of the country is wondering whether Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will replace President Joe Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket, or serve as a vice presidential candidate if Kamala Harris moves up, ML has been noodling on how Whitmer moving to Washington would upend politics here in Michigan. For starters, elevating Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist to governor could make it a lot harder for Duggan to run for governor. And that would put a lot of people who are already running to replace Duggan as mayor in a real bind if Hizzoner decided to stay home.

After starring in a Hulu documentary about the Crumbley case, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald popped up Monday in a major story in the Washington Post, which took readers behind the scenes as McDonald and her team worked on the historic case. This kind of access is almost unprecedented, as ML explains.

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Cycling officials, who seemed to turn a blind eye toward numerous unsportsmanlike practices, are this week’s geeks for fining a French rider who made a brief stop in his home region to kiss his wife and baby during the seventh stage of the Tour de France.

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ML got sucked into a Creedence Clearwater Revival wormhole over vacation, as he explains while telling revealing stories about John Fogerty and the band after Marc cues up “Green River.” Send us your favorite deep cut or obscure band – and a story about them or why they mean something to you – by writing to [email protected].

A reader who doesn’t like Kwame Kilpatrick seems to like ML even less after reading his latest column about being reunited with Hizzoner. You can read ML’s latest Kilpatrick column here.

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