Elliott Hall advised Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick and protected prostitutes who witnessed a massacre in the midst of the 1967 riots — and now he’s telling all to ML and Marc, while Joe runs the show from a safe house.

STRAIGHT DOPE: It’s Give Green Day, so ML encourages listeners to donate to the Detroit Spartans’ 313 Scholarship effort, prompting Marc to call for equal time for that Other School. Here’s how to give some green.

Marc and ML discuss what they’re calling the “Windsor Curse,” which Shawn recently inflicted on their favorite college basketball squads.

If you read the book the “Algiers Motel Incident” or watched the movie “Detroit,” you know about the massacre at a motel during the 1967 riot. But Elliott Hall lived it as a young lawyer who sheltered two witnesses who were working as prostitutes at the time Detroit police officers were accused of murdering young Black men who were staying at the Algiers.

Elliott worked around the clock during the riot representing some of the 8,000 people arrested. He describes zig-zagging down the empty highways in fear of snipers.

Not long after the riot, Elliott and his law partner Dennis Archer talked 13 Black Panthers into peacefully leaving a home where they were barricaded as Detroit Police were stationed outside. Listen and learn what happened to the other three Panthers.

Coleman Young turned to Elliott for advice and good counsel. Find out from Coleman’s confidante what it was like to work with Detroit’s first Black mayor.

Elliott became a vice president of Ford Motor Company, where his dad worked in the foundry. Marc asks him a very Marc-like question.

Kwame Kilpatrick also got advice from Elliott. What was it — and did he take it?

ML and Elliott compare and contrast Young and Kilpatrick, two of Detroit’s most iconic chief executives. Elliott pulls no punches.

ML takes Detroit’s current mayor to task for a glaring omission in his State of the City speech that should concern every taxpayer. Read all about it here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The Prince and Princess who don’t want to be prince and princess recently announced they’ll call their kids prince and princess, earning them a new title that may or may not be hereditary: Geek of the Week.

ROOM 7609: Listener Julie honors Pulp bassist Steve Mackey by booking the band into the New Wave suite to perform “Babies.”

FEEDBACK: A listener gives us a five-star rating and offers praise for “Our Kraken.”

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