Detroit City FC is getting ready to kick off its season, so ML, Marc and Shawn welcome CEO Sean Mann for our annual “State of the Team” conversation, while Joe warms up on the sideline.

STRAIGHT DOPE: After the show starts with an intro that is both a tribute to the late Tom Sizemore — and our most explicit intro ever — it occurs too late to ML that starting an “explicit content” warning would have been a good idea.

Detroit FC kicks off its season this weekend, so CEO Sean Mann joins Shawn The Man (and ML and Marc) to discuss what’s new and what’s next for Detroit’s homegrown professional soccer team. Find out more and get tickets here.

After just a decade in existence, DCFC is one step below the top level of soccer in America – MLS. Sean tells the crew how they got there – and what it will take to make the next step.

In a David v Goliath moment that made national headlines, DCFC beat an MLS team. Sean talks about how Le Rouge’s victory over the Columbus Crew caught the attention of the soccer world which leads to a discussion of their TV deals with Channel 20 and ESPN+.

With a women’s team, youth programs, a fieldhouse on the Eastside and a team store in Capitol Park, DCFC is growing. But it still lost money last year and is projected to lose money this year. Sean discusses whether fans should be worried about the team’s future. 

Has DCFC outgrown Keyworth? Sean talks about the challenges of playing big-time soccer in an 80-year venue – and the charm of Le Rouge’s homefield.

Not so long ago, Detroit billionaires were talking about building a 23,000-seat soccer stadium downtown. ML asks Sean what he’s hearing on the grapevine about the future of MLS in Detroit.

The incredible disappearing soccer stadium proposal is just one of the many major taxpayer-supported projects billionaires pitched that have failed to materialize. ML wrote about them in his latest “On Guard” column for the Free Press. Read it here.

If Wolverine and Spartan fans agree on one thing, it’s that they hate Shawn’s latest column. Check it out here.

Tributes to Tom Sizemore and Vincent D’Onofrio lead to a moment of amazement when Marc learns that ML actually saw an episode of “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” one of Marc’s favorite shows.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The very notion that Jamie Foxx and Kevin Garnett’s lives are so boring that the only thing that quickens their pulse is an online bet causes ML to add another award to their trophy case: Geek of the Week.

ROOM 7609: Listener Tim reserves the New Wave suite for Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith’s old band, Detroit rockers Toby Redd, who perform “Every Time I Run.”

FEEDBACK: A listener suggests starting a GoFundMe for Shawn, who insists that people only donate to ML, who does not object to the notion.

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