Another DTE epic fail forced Shawn to buy a generator, sparking an electric discussion with Marc and ML while Joe attempts to harness the power of their wind.

STRAIGHT DOPE: The power is out – again. So Shawn bought a generator. The notoriously frugal ML explains why he has not bought backup power – and it has nothing to do with dollars and cents.

ML and Shawn discuss how they dealt with power outages while hunkering down in their frigid domiciles, a situation that led to an untimely death in ML’s home.

Shawn’s step-brother in Oklahoma has a bunker, potentially causing sibling jealousy as folks in Washtenaw County await the rapture. ML and Shawn discuss how they will handle the End of Days while Shawn hunkers in his bunker.

The crew discusses why power outages will continue to occur and who the power company really serves.

Shawn shares his theory about the Dutch – putting a wooden shoe in his mouth.

ML extols the virtues of DTE’s Beacon Park and its charitable giving, but says he’d prefer they keep the damn lights on.

A Will Forte drop causes Shawn to pose some uncomfortable questions about hand washing, making Marc and ML reconsider whether to shake hands with him after the show. 

Marc, Shawn and ML offer their collective wisdom to a person planning to date only people with families as dysfunctional as their own; a person uncomfortable visiting a friend who has a large naked painting of herself on the wall; and a woman who doesn’t understand why her friends are uncomfortable because what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.

ML, Marc and Shawn discuss and debate the real problem with campus safety and ML says locks are not the problem – or the solution.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: A company that thinks women need pills and men need boners to be happy are this week’s geeks.

ROOM 7609: Don Letts, the groundbreaking sampler and videographer for Big Audio Dynamite, takes center stage during Black History Month as BAD checks into the New Wave suite to perform “Medicine Show.”

FEEDBACK: A listener shares a theory on the motivation for the killing of two rappers and a friend that was discussed on last week’s show and Robin writes a follow-up to last week.

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