Old dads, athletes with the blues, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, pretty much everything is on the table as ML, Marc and Shawn offer answers to the world’s problems, while Joe only wonders “When will it end?!?”

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML’s first choice for Michigan State’s next football coach is a fictional character who, like ML, believes sports should teach about life, not teach that sports are life. Listen and learn who he wants to lead his Green Men.
The three dads in the room discuss whether they would want to have a kid late in life. Shawn and Marc are against it, but ML says he’d be cool with it — until prom season.

Shawn salutes University of Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy to copping to the anxiety associated with performing under pressure. A discussion of the evolution in athletes sharing their emotions ensues, covering everyone from Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles to Austin Meadows. Read Shawn’s column here.

Taylor Swift shows up at a Kansas City Chiefs game and instantly catapults tight end Travis Kelce’s jersey sales and social media following into the stratosphere. The crew discuss the “Swift Effect” and how she has maintained the spotlight longer than any artist since Madonna.

Notorious NIL opponent ML says the money college athletes can earn could cost them sympathy from people who feel that they’re being paid like professionals, so they should take the heat like professionals. Marc and Shawn responded by renewing the debate over compensation for college athletes.

ML, Marc and Shawn like Coach Prime, but ML says Deion Sanders did Colorado football players wrong when he first came to town. Shawn and Marc disagree — SURPRISE!!!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: A U.S. senator facing public corruption charges for the second time in a decade is a prime candidate for our GOW honors, but ML instead chooses people involved in a conspiracy … of silence.

ROOM 7609: “Rad” was a BMX movie that almost everyone forgot about years ago (with good reason). Marc and listener Dave are the exception, but only Dave suggested Real Life’s “Send Me An Angel” as the next entry in our series of New Wave tunes that doubled as movie themes. Send your favorite to us at [email protected]

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