USA Today investigative reporter Kenny Jacobs zooms in to tell ML and Marc how he got the scoop that cost Michigan State head football coach Mel Tucker his job, while Shawn is mired in traffic and Joe nimbly navigates the internet.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Kenny Jacobs rocked East Lansing a week ago when he revealed that a sexual assault survivor accused Mel Tucker of masturbating without her consent during a call last year. 
He discusses how he got the story – and how he almost lost his scoop.
Kenny says Brenda Tracy wanted to wait until MSU completed its investigation before going public with her story. He explains why.
Marc asks Kenny to address several key points of contention in the Tucker-Tracy controversy, including whether Tucker ever offered Tracy a settlement. Kenny has known Tracy for years because of his work reporting on sexual assault on college campuses. Hear what he has to say about her credibility. ML asks Kenny for his score card on who has told the most lies, and learns that one of the parties has told several and one has told none. Listen and learn who is the leader on the liar board.
Did MSU follow the rules when it comes to investigating allegations of sexual harassment? Kenny shares his expertise, during a discussion of “who knew what when?
Shawn weighs in with questions about why MSU didn’t act sooner. Did Tracy make racy comments to Mel? Kenny tells us what he knows from his research and after reviewing 1,200 pages of the investigation’s files.ML asks Kenny if Tracy has mentioned suing Tucker or MSU. Listen to learn his answer.

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) icon Chuck Stokes will be roasted this weekend as part of the Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists’ 40th anniversary celebration. Vincent McCraw of DC-NABJ zooms in to tell us what’s on tap – and how you can join the fun. Find out more here.

You already know Shawn is one of the many who ignore ML, but he nevertheless renews his call for MSU to tear down the Green Wall in his latest “On Guard” column for the Free Press. Read it here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML tries to placate Shawn by naming a “Hero of the Week,” but gives up and instead gives Maz the one free thing he probably doesn’t want: GOW honors.

ROOM 7609: ML tries again to placate Shawn – this time with better luck – by booking Duran Duran into the New Wave suite to perform “A View to a Kill” as part of our New Wave tunes that doubled as movie themes series.
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