ML, Marc and Shawn go from Big Game to big shame as their New Year’s resolutions fall apart even before they are made, while Joe resolves to look for a better gig.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Shawn Windsor is a murderer. Honest. Listen and learn the whole story, with a reference to Terry O’Quinn thrown in.

ML has a new Christmas hat that only he is man enough to wear. Or so he claims. See for yourself at While you’re there, please subscribe and sign up for alerts so you’ll always know when we go live.

A cranky Shawn returns from the desert, where he watched Marc’s championship dream turn into ML’s hater dream.

Just as it seems like Shawn is finally on ML’s side, a reference to the tallest troll in Ann Arbor turns the tide.

Marc leads a debate on the merits of Ohio State University’s presence in the college football playoff, while ML tries to make a case that MSU is the best team in the Big Ten because the Spartans beat TCU in a bowl game … a decade ago.

Damar Hamlin’s collapse during Monday night’s Buffalo Bills game shocked America. It also reminded ML of where he was when Jiri Fischer of the Red Wings collapsed on the ice. Then he tells a story that supports Shawn’s contention that ML tries to make everything about him.

The crew shares their New Year’s resolutions, with some reluctance.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Paper, plastic, or Kevlar? A guy who answered that question by arming himself to the teeth for a trip to the local supermarket is this week’s geek.

ROOM 7609: In yet another unintentional move to prove Shawn right, ML books local legends Electric Six into the New Wave suite to perform “Danger! High Voltage” after he went to see them on New Year’s Eve at the Magic Bag.

FEEDBACK: ML’s latest column, Mel Tucker’s contract and more were on your mind.


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