ML gets stabbed – TWICE – to start the day, then gets needled by Marc and Shawn while Patrick counts the days til he gets his jaw broken and Joe is glad to be monitoring the situation from a remote location.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: The show starts off with an appreciation for Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy,” which ML says is just as good in French.

ML thought losing his race for Detroit City Council would allow him to sleep in when the East Side floods, but it turns out he was wrong. And that was just the FIRST trauma he experienced before the show!

There is one key question the crew wants answered about what Mayor Mike Duggan did when he found out about the latest federal investigation into city hall corruption. Find out what burning question we would ask if we caught up with Hizzoner.

Five of the 10 Republican candidates for governor got wiped out. ML discusses how they went down, while showing off some of his own petitions to get on the ballot. You can see them by subscribing to YouTube channel ML ELRICK.

Here’s a link to ML’s column on what the GOP candidates for governor – and other big shots – had to say about the candidates who got bamboozled and didn’t make the cut.

Shawn and Marc want to pay college athletes – and they don’t care what impact it has on amateur athletics. Or at least that’s how ML sees it.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: CEO should stand for Cashing Eating Ogres, or something like that. Now they can add GOW to their exalted initials.

ROOM 7609: Sad Lovers & Giants sounds like it could be the worst country song ever, but they’re just the New Wave band having “Colourless Dreams” in the New Wave suite this week.

FEEDBACK: Nobody did the write thing last week. And that’s just wrong!

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