Marc is missing so college kids Kaleena and Patrick take over the show while ML and Shawn die slowly and Joey stays chill in his cryogenic chamber.


Marc is on special assignment, find out where he went and whose head he is looking for.

ML and his colleagues at the Detroit Free Press followed Dan Gilbert’s money and found a lot of it in the campaign war chests of city officials considering whether to approve his company’s $60 million tax break. Read all about it here:

A candidate for judge who ML caught playing the name game in 2020 is back at it again, with a twist. Shawn wonders what’s the big deal, but you can check out the story and judge for yourself:

Shawn’s cousin, who was like a brother, passed from a dreadful disease. Kaleena and Patrick join in a discussion of life, death and “living in the moment.” Check out Shawn’s powerful column here:


Greedy golfers who place payouts over principle take this week’s Geek trophy.

ROOM 7609

Last week’s guest in the New Wave suite put ML in an early Cure state of mind, so he looks past all the trees for “A Forest.”


Jocelyn and John compete with Shawn for air time.


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